Welcome to the Rosenhang at Karben



Some 25 years ago Ralf Berster began to turn a community-owned meadow measuring about 5.000 square meters into a rosegarden with a natural appearance.


In 1993 he planted the first batch of about 200 cultivars of mostly old garden roses and several species roses. Most of them were once-blooming hybrids of the Gallica, Alba, Damask, and Centifolia families, but also repeat-flowering roses like Bourbons, Portlands, Hybrid Perpetuals, Musks, Multifloras, and early Hybrid Teas are well represented. Roughly further 200 roses each followed in two more years.


Assembling these yesteryear’s shrubs against the background of a natural appearing setting looks unusual and does not meet the expectations of an orderly and formal rosegarden. This biologically intact ambiente however is a haven for small animals, birds, insects, and micro-organisms who all contribute towards keeping the roses healthy. As a matter of course chemicals like fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides are completely out.


The roses are widely allowed to grow as they please, and human interference  is reduced to a minimum.


A grid of narrow grass paths is leading through this “Jungle of Roses”.